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With over 500+ companies providing similar sort of business services, Econnect World is a one stop solution for all your marketing needs. Our user friendly tools, CRM’s have given us added advantage to assist our clients with their marketing needs, research & advise them on the right audience for all their initiatives.

In today’s competitive world and ever changing employment prospects we Econnect World are proud to have a long list of dedicated and active resources. Our recruitment process in place hires only the best executives in market for dedicated customer support and to bring in creative skill sets into our business. We have been successful in carrying this out.

Econnect World performs a careful market research to recognize your target spectators, groups and offers you suitable online marketing strategies. We then develop data which can make available useful information about your brand, services, products, & business.














Our "one team" attitude breaks down silos and helps us engage equally effectively from the C-suite to the front line. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

We work hard, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot...most often at ourselves.

It feels different to work with us.




Shawn Weaver is the founder and innovative chief executive officer of Econnect World. He aims to change the world of direct marketing into one that's accessible, with targeted lead lists and better solutions for everyone. As CEO, he's responsible for the company's success and growth, and he takes that job very seriously. Shawn focuses on building strong connections and producing the best products possible for clients. He and his small team continue to innovate and amaze clients by coming up with revolutionary tools and services that all business-to-business (B2B) marketers can find useful.

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, Shawn is a self-made entrepreneur who is passionate about building a positive company culture while his business continues to grow. As the founder of Econnect World, he has conceptualized much of our mission, marketing plans, strategies, and evaluations. He also has been involved with finding partners and making industry connections. He came to Silicon Valley to bring his unique vision to fruition, and today, his company has begun to change the B2B marketing industry!​



Barbara leads marketing department at Econnect World, including corporate marketing, product marketing, and demand generation.  She is responsible for defining and executing go-to-market strategies to drive exponential revenue growth and building a strong brand in the enterprise mobility market.

Barbara brings 25 years of experience in high technology across marketing, product management, and general management. Before joining Econnect World, Barbara held several leadership roles at SolarWinds, including VP of the flagship Network Management business and head of global demand generation. Prior to SolarWinds, Barbara was VP of Marketing at Baynote, a leader in cloud-based personalization and product recommendations solutions. Barbara also led Product Management for Vignette’s flagship Web Content Management business.

Barbara has a built a strong reputation as an authority in the use of digital technologies to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and has been an advocate of ensuring technology delivers real value to customers.​




Richard Harris is the vice president for Global Sales and Business Development at Econnect World. In this role, he is responsible for the company portfolio, investment strategy and go-to-market activities for all product lines.


Richard held a variety of leadership positions, including: Brand General Manager, OEM Microelectronics Systems and Technology Group, responsible for overseeing IBM’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) microelectronics business, and Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics, Integrated Supply Chain, where he led IBM’s internal manufacturing and fulfilment operations and had extended responsibility for outsourced manufacturing activity worldwide. Additionally, his organization provided logistics support worldwide for all IBM units.


Richard spent the majority of his career in the IBM Technology Group, holding a number of executive positions including General Manager of the Interconnect Business Unit, and multiple IBM site location executive positions in manufacturing facilities in Texas, North Carolina and New York. The majority of these assignments were in product management, manufacturing and supply chain operations.​

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